Why Should a Business Hire Someone with a Disability?

The theme of this year’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October 2013) is “Because We Are EQUAL to the Task,” meaning people with disabilities can be and are successful in the workplace. They have the education, training, and the desire.

Let us take a moment to look at that theme from another perspective. Businesses all require one thing: getting the job done. Getting the job done means that the task is the primary focus. Every task may not be for everyone, but everyone can accomplish a task. Regardless of what that task may be, there is someone who can complete it.

People from all walks of life experience challenges, and businesses still expect them to perform their job. The challenges an individual is experiencing do not necessarily interfere with their ability to do their job. That expectation remains the same for someone with a disability.

Finding the right person for the job is a business’s first priority. This mindset is based on a business’s need for high productivity, low turnover, low absenteeism, and low tardiness. This in turn results in high profitability. It has been proven that people with disabilities are the most dedicated, hard-working, and diligent employees that businesses have.

Shari Wharton of BelFor Restoration in Middletown, Pennsylvania has hired a person with a disability to fill a position, and she said that she is “pleased with the fact that the employee displayed enthusiasm and loyalty, as opposed to someone [without disabilities] taking the job for granted.”

“Employees from Gateway are valuable assets,” said Harry Hauptman of Chapel Pointe in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Gateway Employment Group provides supported employment services for people with disabilities.)

In addition to gaining a valuable employee, businesses can take advantage of various federal programs that encourage recruiting and hiring people with disabilities, which in turn makes businesses eligible for tax credits.

The links below have more information about these tax credits.

Employing people with disabilities is not only a way to expand your business, but it will enhance your business. You will gain a dedicated, hard-working employee who will help carry your business into the future.


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