Inclusive Employment

Keystone Human Services believes that everyone can be a contributing member of society and that being employed is an important part of a person’s involvement in the community. KHS is committed to supporting people to recognize their full potential by gaining employment. One of our goals is to support all people to use their abilities to become a vital part of the workforce.

Employment is a goal for working-age youth and adults with different abilities, including those with complex and significant needs who may have had limited or no opportunities to work in the past. Three elements are essential to successful inclusive employment:

  • The use of conventional, typical, or customized employment techniques to secure membership in the workforce, where employees with disabilities are included on the payroll of a competitive business or industry or are self-employed business owners
  • Assigned work tasks that offer at least the minimum or prevailing wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement
  • Typical opportunities for integration and interaction with coworkers without disabilities, customers, or the general public

Our vision is to find employment or self-employment in which each person can grow in their career path. This process is most successful when the job seeker and all people involved in their support work together as a team. Through networking and building collaborative relationships with area businesses, we promote inclusive employment and the community’s economic well-being.

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