What to Wear for an Interview

Mark Twain said, “The clothes make the man.” While most people want to be judged based on who they are rather than their outfit, first impressions are important. They’re especially important in an interview. The clothes you choose to wear to an interview can contribute to whether you land the job.

How will you choose to present yourself to a prospective employer?

Always dress to impress. No matter what type of job or what industry you’re hoping to enter, it’s best to look like you want the job. Business casual is typical for most businesses, but professional attire is best for an interview. Make the best first impression you can.

Employers gauge your judgment, and your attire reflects your judgment. Your choice of clothing is a form of nonverbal communication. Your attire demonstrates how you choose to present yourself. If you reflect poor judgment in your dress, you’re giving the vibe that you will likely make poor judgments on the job. In other words, you’re stating who you are as a worker. You don’t want to give the wrong impression before you even get the chance to say anything.

Your interest in obtaining the job should match how you dress for it. How much do you value getting the job? Follow the general rule of thumb and dress for success.

Show your awareness of the business’s expectations by dressing appropriately for the job. Let your prospective employer know that you are there to get the job. Use your attire to show that you are serious, viable, and talented employee.

There are many websites with information on attire for job interviews. Here are just a few that you may find useful.